Tuesday, June 23, 2020

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Releases July 21st

Can't Buy Me Love by Carrie Davis
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Can a runaway really find a fairy tale happily-ever-after?

Self-made billionaire, Pierce Wilder isn't searching for commitment. He likes to play the field. To avoid any of the typical entanglements regular relationships bring to the table, he prefers to use an escort agency to meet his social needs.

Pretty boy, Colt Dixon is a high-priced escort. His troubled past is the driving force behind his current career choice. It's easier to love them and leave them, and working for the agency makes that simple.

Both men come from similar troubled pasts, but their current lives couldn't be more different. One thing they agree on: happily-ever-after isn't real.

When Colt's past catches up with him, he feels the need to run once more. Will Pierce let him go or has the eternal playboy become snagged in true love's web?

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